Rebecca Langer - Hello! I would like to learn more about your work and see if we could talk weddings. 🙂 My wedding is July 31, 2016 in Lake St. Louis Missouri.



Kerry & Nicole - Hello! I’m interested in learning more about your wedding packages. Our wedding date is 5/28/16 and wanted to check your availability pricing and we’d love to meet you, at your convenience. We’re mostly interested in putting together a package outside of your normal pricing

Thank you!

Kerry & Nicole

Aryn - I was wondering if you were open for October 3, 2015, and if so could you send me some information regarding your packages.

Thank you!! - Hi Bridget!

Thank you for your interest! My rate information is located on this page:

I will send you a private message since it seems like you are interested in a more customized package. I will happily give you pricing for a shorter package as well.

Thank you, and talk to you soon!

Mary Beth Denney

Bridget Dannan - Hello there,

How much are your smaller packages for a ceremony and the early part of the reception dinner? Do you go by hours? So, I guess how about 3-4 hours then if that is the case.
Thank you for your prompt response back.

Bridget Dannan

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