No Family | St. Louis Family Photography

Yes, their last name is No, and they have a great attitude about it! Just talk to Erin for a few minutes and she’ll tell you a few business ideas she’s come up with….like the No Love Daycare. Ha ha! Erin and I met in college when we both decided to take an opportunity to study abroad in Thailand. It was adventurous to say the least…and now, years later, we’ve reconnected. Our children are almost the exact same age, and in three weeks, she and her husband, Kil, will have a 3rd daughter. Here is a glimpse into a day with their angelic family.  NOTE: Please take the time to really appreciate the pictures next to the white fence. I may or may not have trespassed into the horse stables, causing quite a commotion when I was nearly trampled by a very angry horse. I still think the pics were worth it. 🙂

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